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Machines suited for any environment..

Working with a range of clients throughout East Anglia and nationally, Anglia Coffee Solutions serves a wide range of businesses including coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, offices, eateries, sports centres, factories and shops. Our dedicated team can assist you with the ideal machine that will suit your requirements to make sure you have the best opportunity to maximise coffee sales and customer satisfaction. Take a look at some of our range below..

Fracino traditional machines

Multi award-winning and manufactured in the UK

Classy, professional and efficient. The Fracino traditional machine range is all of those things. Popular in a wide capacity of cafes, restaurants, bars and more, the Fracino range can help add the finer touches to your establishment. Perfect for any relaxed setting, the traditional espresso machines are available on various cost plans to suit your requirements.


 Vitro X1 

The brand new Vitro X1 is here. If you are after a high quality coffee machine that meets any medium demand requirements then this machine will have you covered.

With an elegant look and an attention to detail, a unique premium identity is given. Adjustable coffee dose, twelve drink options and an easy maintenance process are just some of the advantages to having this machine in your establishment. Great coffee will be produced on a regular basis meaning there is guaranteed customer satisfaction.


A machine with all the same fantastic qualities as its X1 partner, but with Micro Injected Air technology which allows for cold milk foam. This means you can make both hot and cold coffee based drinks whilst using a fresh milk system which is easy to clean and maintain.


Vitro S1

Compact and elegant. This is the perfect machine for offices, convenience stores and quick service restaurants. With a 9oz bean based drink available, great tasting coffee is produced time after time with this reliable and stylish machine.

The easy to use menu and wide range of drink options will keep your staff and customers pleased with their beverages without you requiring a large space for the machine. The Vitro S1 has a capacity for up to 60 drinks a day and can either be tank fed or plumbed to the mains.




Vitro X3 Espresso

A smoke glass door and modern touchscreen interface give the X3 the professional finish that will impress your customers. With customisable mood lighting too it will really give your customers the feeling that you take coffee seriously.

Brewing with nine bar pressure allows for genuine high quality espresso based drinks for the ten selections available on the machine. This ideal amount of pressure results in the perfect crema and body consistently and means that authentic Italian style beverages can be produced.


   What do we provide?

  • Expertise and advice from a dedicated experienced team

  • The option to buy, rent or lease machines with flexible cost plans

  • A wide range of tabletop, floor standing, snack, can and bottle and barista style machines

  • Full installation service for machines provided

  • On-going support

  • Comprehensive technical service cover


“We have used Anglia Coffee Solutions for a number of years and had no hesitation asking them to assist with machine upgrades at both of our sites. They are extremely professional and offer a quality service.”