Our coffee

Italian in style, worldwide in taste.

When it comes to coffee, Italy is a country that always comes to my mind. Italy is a country full of flavours and history, no more so than when it comes to coffee.

Venice was one of the first European ports to import coffee beans back in the 16th century and the coffee passion has grown ever since. Since wealthy Venetian’s bought coffee beans from merchants in the city it is fair to say the idea took off quite well. Many consider Italy to be the home and heart of coffee with a deep rich history that we have tried to continue in our own little Anglia Coffee way.

Our very own Dolchenza coffee was introduced to customers back in 2013 when we started this very journey and it has been a popular hit ever since. Whilst creating the blend there was an integral focus on having a blend that would match an Italian style. It is safe to say we have done this, having regularly have received positive comments from Italians themselves. You are now able to enjoy our Dolchenza coffee in a variety of blends and grinds. Beans, filter coffee and capsules are now all in the range meaning there is a coffee for everyone.



Here our Rich Roast blend takes centre stage, using an AeroPress Coffee Maker

“Superb coffee at a very good price. An order was phoned to their main office and it was delivered very promptly. Fantastic service and everyone agrees the coffee is great! Thank you very much Anglia Coffee Solutions.”