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An all round professional and simple coffee solution. Versatile to all environments, the Vitro produces bean drinks with the option to add fresh leaf tea and fresh milk. Quality and consistency are ensured from this machine time and time again. The touchscreen user interface displays a menu of elegance with the ability to change colour to adapt to whatever your environment may be. 

Models available:

Vitro S: High standard of coffee with a quick service delivery

Vitro X: Option for authentic espresso coffee with the ability to add fresh leaf tea

Vitro M: Designed to please consumer needs by delivering a sensory experience




A combination of proven robust technology with a stunning and interactive design. The step range allows for an all round experience by being at the cutting edge of vending dispense systems. With an interactive screen allowing for media features, the users experience is fully enhanced. A large and full menu is also available, while users can adjust the settings of milk and sugar quantities to really make it their own coffee. 

  • In-Touch selection system allowing full drink customisation
  • Quick code function providing customers with a shortcut to get your drink
  • Video display providing information on nutrition, calories and instructions
  • Simple, intuitive and quick drink selection


The perfect machine to fit out your stylish and trendy cafe or restaurant. The Barista style allows for consistent drinks that are of the highest quality, to give that authentic feel and taste to your customers experience. This is a real luxury you can afford to indulge with.

Models available:

Bambino: Compact, top quality and exceptional value for money (pictured right)

Contempo: Up to four drinks can be made at any one time, large capacity, timeless focal point for any large cafe or restaurant (pictured below, left)

Romano: Traditional aesthetics, a machine of elegance (pictured below, right)



Serves a delicious range of hot and cold beverages in a free standing format. High quality drinks in a machine that compliments any environment. There is also freedom with this range, ensuring that customers can customise the aesthetics of the machine whilst having the capability to personalise the media screen display. 

  • Enhanced user experience with Neo technology
  • Advanced energy saving mode
  • Cutting edge concept with high quality drinks
  • Adjustable aesthetics with personalised media display





Our latest addition to the range. The ideal professional solution if you are looking for a barista quality coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen. With the new Bambino and Barista Pro, you can enjoy the café experience for yourself and tailor your coffee needs to exactly how you want.

Automatic milk foaming, a three second heat up time and nine bar pressure are just a few of the features included on both the Bambino and Barista Pro models. Control and consistency allow for delicious tasting coffee every single cup.

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